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Les Mélodies de la Pluie

My first EP Les Mélodies de la Pluie was released on 31-8-2023. The summer off 2023 was very rainy, this meant i spent a lot of time indoors at my piano. This gave me the time and motivation to put together a little EP. It consists of 4 tracks with titles all related to rain:

  1. La Pluie (The Rain)
  2. La Petite Danse (The Little Dance)
  3. Un Rêve Bleu (A Blue Dream)
  4. Une Brise d’Été (A Summer Breeze)

Tracks 1,3 and 4 are new songs all composed and recorded in the summer of 2023. Track 2, La Petite Danse is a song I wrote quite some time ago, but I never got around to record it. In the tracks La Pluie and Un Rêve Bleu a loop was recorded and the rest of the song is played on top of that repeating loop. The other two are acoustic piano songs.