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A paper alarm clock

Paperlux is an alarmclock in a new innovative perspective. For this design my team and I were looking to make the movement of swiping your alarm clock into a more engaging experience. After a bunch of iterations, we came on paperlux. An alarm clock made out of paper.

For this design, we were inspired by books. Before going to bed, reading a book can be an personal and calming experience. We were looking into what aspects of the book made us feel that way. The soft touch of paper and the stories were the main aspects. How can we inspire people to write their own dreams? By interacting with our alarm clock we hope that people will feel calm and confident to start writing their dreams.

The alarm clock displays a moving light animation on the paper initiating movement. As soon as your hand touches the paper, the light will follow your hand. The effect that this creates is some kind of magical feeling, which is a great way to inspire dreaming. By swiping the top part of the product you can set the amount of sleep you want to receive. Swiping all the way means nine hours until the alarm goes off. After that all you have to do is to swipe down. Like closing the luxaflex, closing your eyes and or swiping away your day.