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Christiaan Bloo
Eindhoven, NL


Ahrend logo

3D Configuration Engineer - Royal Ahrend Group
Oct 2022 - Present

During my time at Ahrend, I have build 3D configuration models of different kinds of products such as desks, tables, soft-seating and storage solutions of leading brands such as Ahrend, Gispen and Techo. These 3D configuration models are used by the account managers, customer support and interior designers. Next to this I worked on analysis of big data sets, to create an overview of the whole Ahrend product portfolio.

Skills: Rhino3D, pCon, Data analysis, Python

Dato logo

Industrial Design Intern - DATO Musical Instruments
Sep 2020 - May 2021

As an industrial design intern my focus was on creating fully functional prototypes. Learning skills like making custom PCB’s and 3D printing along the way.

Skills: Product Design, C++, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design, Autodesk Fusion 360


Tue logo

BSc Industrial Design - Eindhoven University of Technology
2019 - 2022

Industrial design at Eindhoven uses Challenge Based Learning. I worked on different projects to grow my skills in creating prototypes and testing these with users.

Stadsmakers logo

Stadsmakers - De Bildung Academy
Mar 2023 - Jun 2023

During Stadsmakers you define your dream for Eindhoven, then work on a project for 13 weeks to get help the city get closer to your dreams. My dream was a car free Eindhoven, and my project result was Toos Autoloos. A project to show graduating students around the city and provide tours at possible employers in the hopes to get them to find jobs close by, so that they can bike there. Project page


Jong040 logo

Jongeren Ambassadeur - Jong040
Sep 2023 - Present

Als jongeren ambassadeur bij jong040 houd ik me bezig met maatschappelijke relevante projecten over onderwerpen zoals de verkiezingen en de wooncrisis. Elke 2 weken komen we met een groep jongeren bij elkaar en werken we naar een adviesrapport of actie toe. De eerste ronde waaraan ik deelnam ging over jongeren naar de stembus krijgen. Hiervoor stonden we op het 18-september plein met de quote: ‘Heb jij ook schijt aan de politiek’. Om op die manier gesprekken aan te gaan met jongeren. ED-artikel

Skills: Politics, Communication, Debating

Bibliotheek Eindhoven logo

Makersplaats - Bibliotheek Eindhoven
Nov 2023 - Present

The Makersplaats (Makers space) is a small workshop where kids can work on projects in the library. Open on friday afternoon and saturday morning, kids get 90 minutes to work on something of their own projects. As a volunteer I help the kids to learn new skills such as woodworking, 3D modelling/printing, laser cutting and even soldering.

Skills: 3D Printing, Lasercutting, Coaching

Unid logo

Chief Grahic Design - UNID
Sep 2021 - Oct 2023

As a chief graphic designer, I lead a small team of graphic designers to make multiple magazines a year. Next to that, I am responsible for creating the look and feel of the magazines by creating style guides and by being in charge of the printing of the magazine.

Skills: Graphic Design, Adobe InDesign, Leadership

Treasurer - UNID
Sep 2021 - Oct 2023

As Treasurer, my responsibilities were finding a printing partner for the magazine, and managing expenses for release parties of new magazine editions.

Skills: Treasury, Cash Management, Microsoft Excel

Grahic Designer - UNID
Sep 2020 - Sep 2021

Working as a graphic designer creating online content.

Skills: Graphic Design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop